Totalt Isolerad

Totalt Isolerad (Totally Isolated) is a skrammelpunk band from Hudiksvall, Sweden.
We play at a fairly serious level.

Yeah, all started in November 2012, we were a couple of guys who write a punk
song about a deceased friend. The song was written, but we wanted to do more so we
decided to continue because it was damn funny. We gave ourselves the name Totalt
Isolerad (no meaning or something we can relate to).
In early February 2013 we took in another guitarist to experiment a bit more
with the music. / Written by Christoffer Strömbom 2013-03-1


  Edwin Österberg - Vocals
  Christoffer Strömbom - Bass/Vocals
  Sebastian Strömbom - Guitar
  Simon Sundkvist - Drums
  Joakim Iversen Bryant - Guitar

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