We are a band from Gothenburg/Mark who plays punk on many different levels,
we play what we feel for whether it's hardcore or Oi. Our lyrics are often about
anti-war and disfunctions in society today. The first rehearsal was sometime last
year and quickly escalated from not only be a hobby instead it became a full time
job, to play Swedish punk in bands like Asta Kask and Anti-Cimex footsteps.
/ Written by RJ 2012-10-09

  RJ/KF (Rasmus Fransson) - Guitar/Vocals

  Johannes Sohlberg - Drums
  Pontus Lindberg - Bass
  Olof Ulenius - Guitar

Past Members
  Micke (Michael Lövberg) - Guitar/Vocals (2011-2012)

  Accne (Anton Blomhage) - Bass (2011-2012)
  Donken (Daniel Eriksson) - Drums (2011-2012)

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